Enjoying the bounty from our garden

colorful salad with nasturtiums

Lots of things are starting to pop up in the garden.  Green beans are starting to climb poles, sweet peas have beautiful and fragrant flowers, blueberries are starting to ripen, and more raspberries are appearing each day.  And as always, we have a never-ending supply of tree collards.

The squirrels have been harvesting the sunflower seeds, and lots of crows seem to be hanging around – I saw one the other day picking the ripening plums from the tree and throwing each one on the ground.  I hope they leave some on the trees for us!

It’s summertime.

It’s summer, and the bees and yes, butterflies, abound. The sunflowers have shot up and the children of Mariposa and the neighborhood reach for the sky as well. The new hammock is extremely popular; we could probably use a second one in the yard. The farmers’ market has stone fruits, blueberries (just about over), strawberries, and at least one cheeky monkey raiding the sample bars.

MG has no openings

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